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  1. Virginia says:

    The new rug looks wonderful in our living room! Thank you for finding this beautiful piece for us! :)

  2. Dawn says:

    Abrash Gallerie is an extraordinary store that primarily honors the history of handwoven rugs and textile fabrics. All of the rugs are carefully selected by Tuba to showcase the timeless traditions and artistry of carpet weaving–be they antiques or reproductions that have been gloriously reinterpreted for this age. I promise that you will be captivated and deeply moved by the sumptuous presentation of the rugs, textiles, crafts, and furnishings that are featured there. Thank you Tuba for Abrash Gallerie, a jewel of your creation.

  3. Ellen Reisman says:

    Many many thanks to Tuba and Marise for showing me a new way to look at myself and thank you???for encouraging me to purchase that beautiful silver bracelet…I do love it. I am still thinking about the variety of styles and colors of jewelry O saw at the Gallerie this afternoon. Impressive and amazing.

  4. Harry Orris says:

    Abrash Gallerie has an amazing collection of beautiful rugs and the owner, Tuba, is a delight to work with. She is very patient and worked with me to locate just the right rug. This is my first Persian rug and since I brought it home I have identified many other areas of my house that are just crying for the elegant and softening touches that this one made in my hallway. The gallery also houses a number of other unique items from jewelery to tea sets and would be a great place to find a special gift.

  5. Lisa Wiant says:

    The Abrash Gallerie and the owner, Tuba, worked with us this past year to order a custom rug for our family room. She was very persistent and patient, and made sure that the design and the colors of the rug were exactly as we expected. The rug is absolutely beautiful in our room! Tuba has many beautiful rugs in her gallery, and we are delighted with our new treasure!

  6. David & Nancy Polk says:

    We purchased a very large dining room rug from Abrash. We loved it the minute Tuba put in down.
    Well the grandkids decided to do an art project in the dining room and of course the worst happened.
    So we had white paint on our beautiful rug. Tuba to the rescue.
    She came over to the house and painstakingly got the paint out of the rug and now it’s as good as new.
    I don’t know were else you can get attention and care like that. Tuba goes way way out there for her customers. Not to mention great products, because if the rug wouldn’t have been of the top quality it was she never would have been able to get the paint out without ruining the rug. So it goes without saying we love Tuba and all she does. Oh yah, the grandkids art project was lovely.

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