Abrash Gallerie is pleased to offer a full range of interior design services to its appreciating customers. We work with the finest professional designers who can help you create a memorable surrounding, whether decorating an existing room or your entire house. The gallerie is committed to excellence and full customer satisfaction for its discerning clients. While uncompromising in our philosophy to provide the highest quality, we have a range of resources to best match your taste and budget.

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Consistent with the philosophy of our store to stay away from machines and synthetic chemicals for any kind of delicate woven art, we recommend only hand-washing for your hand-woven oriental rugs.  Our cleaning services examines each piece to assess its condition.  Rugs are individually monitored during the cleaning process, fully rinsed and dried in a controlled environment.  The basic objective in cleaning is to remove soil and restore the appearance of the piece.  Also, if your rug has color run, odors or rotten areas, our cleaning services can help you make informed choices in cleaning and restoring your piece.   We are able to clean carpets up to 25×40 feet in size and have procedures to clean carpets in delicate or fragile condition.

Restoration & Color Run Removal & Antique Washing

Wear and tear of even daily use may require your rugs to be repaired and restored.  Holes and damaged areas can be rewoven with nearly undetectable results.  All repair materials used closely match the original color, fiber, and spin to provide the best results.

Our stain and color run removal procedures remain faithful to the original colors.  We are also proud to offer antique washing services.