Making authentic reproductions of antique rugs truly loyal to their origins is indeed a challenge. Among the factors that contribute to the complexity are the weaving process, the quality of the wool, the composition of the dyes, and the visual attributes.

During the last two decades of twentieth century, the modern hand-made rug industry has enjoyed the rebirth of the “Renaissance” with an unprecedented growth in the market. The return to traditional techniques and materials resulted in dramatic improvements in quality, design and durability. The reputable weaving producers using hand-spun wool and natural dyes, combined with imaginative designs, created a new generation of modern rugs. Experts agree that these pieces will be the collectibles and antiques of tomorrow.

If you think that legendary antiques are untouchable in price then our traditional reproductions are affordable alternatives with no sacrifice in quality. Uncompromising integrity of Turkish, Persian or Caucasian rugs with most authentic Ushak, Hereke, Tabriz, Sultanabad, Mahal, Ferehan, Heriz, Serapi, Bidjar, Mamluk or Kazak designs are within your reach at Abrash.

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